Imagine years from now, explaining to your children or grandchildren that you voted no for an independent Scotland all because you didn’t like someone.


Nationalist rally, North Bridge, Edinburgh: 21.09.2013


Nationalist rally, North Bridge, Edinburgh: 21.09.2013


"Poll shows Labour Supporters are being won over by yes campaign."
Todays Herald front page. (18/07/2014)


"Poll shows Labour Supporters are being won over by yes campaign."

Todays Herald front page. (18/07/2014)


In a fit of creativity and political pique, I made these. Hee.

On a serious note.


My country, Scotland, is at a really important stage in it’s life right now. We have the chance to break away from a dictatorship and become an independent and prosperous nation. All we have to do to secure a brighter future for ourselves and future generations, is leave a little cross in a…

If I could have your attention for a moment..


I find this post quite hilarious, I found it via a friend of mines who’s very clearly a bitter together fan. So I thought I’d take a moment to de-bunk the thing for her and other voters.

1) “I don’t work for the NHS, but I think it’s vital.”

That’s great, so why are you voting ‘No’ when that’ll no doubt lead to further Tory governments (David Cameron’s approval rating is the highest of all the major party leaders at the moment), the same party which if you haven’t noticed, has been driving for additional privatisation.. Not very clever now, is it?

2) “Scottish students might lose out if we vote yes.”

Unfortunately for the no campaign, this just isn’t true. As I’m sure you’ve all heard before, Scotland generates a larger percentage of all UK revenue than it makes up of the population, yet receives considerably less than it’s putting in, so if anything; Independence would probably mean Scottish students would gain a lot more than they would lose. Bit of a shame really for Better-Together, the lady looks so happy that she thinks she’s on to something.

3) “There will be fewer jobs if we vote yes, not more.”

Once again, this really isn’t true..  The Public Sector would see huge gains employment wise, for once again the Scottish government would have control of it’s entire revenue and not just a portion of it, meaning they can work towards expanding the public sector. Plus with a Scottish government in charge of Scotland, you’ll have a government that understands the challenges businesses encounter in our unique environment, meaning that businesses would no-doubt have far better support in an Independent nation.

4) “We are far more prosperous as part of a strong, illustrious UK as opposed to isolation ourselves as an Independent country!”

This, is by far one of the more hilarious comments among the 20. I’d just like to direct you to the dictionary definition of the word ‘illustrious’ - "well known, respected, and admired for past achievements." Of course, the well-known part is true, but so is Luxembourg and let’s be honest, all they’re known for is being that one small country that seems to be very rich.. That sounds terribly familiar.. Anyways, allow me to continue my analysis; The United Kingdom is most certainly not admired for it’s past achievements, our most famous achievements are; The genocide of the native Americans, the slave trade, starving hundreds of boer women and children to death during the boer war, having one of the most disorganised and poorly trained armies in the world during the second world-war (We were basically only kept alive because we had the channel between us and Germany and Germany didn’t have the ships to go ‘Operation Sealion’.), sending millions to die in the first world war, invading third-world countries because ‘muh freedom’ and ‘muh america’. I’d also just like to point out; Putin called us a small island that no one listen to and David Cameron basically responded by saying, "They do too!" which is sort-of a sign that no one cares what we think..


5) “There are worrying questions around research funding that the yes campaign haven’t answered.”


Well, that’s because they don’t need to; the Scottish government already has control over education and the research will either be done in universities or in labs owned by charities, so the only reason research would suffer is if people suddenly decided, “We voted yes, therefore I’m not giving to charity.” Which is a bit silly.


6) “A currency union is definitely off the table.”


I just need to refer you to - Danny Alexander, a UK Treasury Minister who very clearly said that, “There’d obviously be a currency Union.” What a shame, that looked to be a good argument from No for a second there.


7) “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!”


See: Child poverty rates in Scotland

See: Privatisation of Royal Mail

See: Bedroom tax Scottish votes

See: Scottish votes not counting in elections

See: Systematic privatisation of the NHS.


8)“We should have more control, but the answer is more devolution, not full independence.”


Are we just too incompetent to run our own country or what? This comment’s a bit ridiculous really and it’s a tad bit offensive. It’s been shown that devolution max is the most popular option, however I also find this idea to be ridiculous because Devolution max is basically just; “You rule everything but your foreign policy and defence” which, if you think about it; are the two single most important things. So, if you’re going to take all of these other powers, why not just take them too?


9) “I’m voting no as I’m proud to live in a country that champions equal rights both at home & abroad.”


That’s nice, but it’s not very true; In Iraq when we moved in with the United States’ forces, did you know after the fall of Saddam’s regime and the installation of our new Democratic regime, we removed the Sunni Ba’athist party, which meant the Sunnis had zero representation in the Iraqi government? Did you also know that we didn’t give them that representation until they entered armed-revolt at which point we gave them 400 Million dollars to fight for us instead of the other insurgents and gave them some positions in the government as a bribe.

Did you also know that David Cameron has supported Israel’s actions in the middle east, when it’s very clearly the systematic destruction of Palestinian identity through gradual colonisation or ‘settling’ as they put it of Palestinian territories.

We’ve got a real good government for equal rights, don’t we?

10) “We’ve got more options if we stay in the UK.”

I’ve no idea what this one’s talking about, so if you’ve got any idea, please tell me… All it has is a woman holding a board with something about fishes on it… Coming from a fishing town, I’m not sure if this is something I should know about or if it’s just some crazy city-folk thing.

 11) “The UK has the 2nd highest aid budget in the world – I want to be part of that.”

Also, not true. We’re third – “The UK is the world’s third largest donor from countries of the organisation for economic co-operation and development, following Germany ($14.5bn) and the United States ($30.7bn).”

And as a percentage, our budget only has 0.56% allocated to foreign aid, which puts us behind: The Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway & Sweden in the percentages category, which means we’re not really all that charitable by comparison… We also need to look at where this aid money is going, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan.. All countries which don’t seem to like us very much. There’s also the issue of where the DfID contracting centres are, there’s only two in the entirety of Scotland, most of them being based in England and another two being based in Northern Ireland, this basically shows that it’d have little to no impact on the aid campaign. There’s also the whole issue that on average, Scots donate £356 a year, more than England’s little £285 and Wales’ £328. Basically, the world would probably be better off with Scotland Independent as we’d probably donate a larger portion of our budget to charity than the current UK government.

12) “As a young person, I’m really worried about jobs.”

Well, the whole, “We’ll leave if you gain Independence” thing is a bit of a scaremongering tactic because these companies know that as soon as they leave, others will move in to fill the gap in the market, the big oil companies will never leave, they need our north-sea territories to generate revenue. The banks will never leave, they need the Scottish clientele to produce revenue. The engineering companies will never leave, as they need the Scottish skill pool and facilities to produce revenue. So as you can see, this is a bit of a dirty little tactic to scare you away from voting yes.


13) “If we vote for independence it’s going to be harder to live in Scotland and work elsewhere.”

Well, that’s also not true… The whole border thing is a bit of a myth also. There’s no passport / visa requirements to travel to the Isle of man which is out-with the EU, so why would it be any different with Scotland, who I might add, is one of England’s biggest trading partners.

14) “We all need to work together.”

Of course, and we recognise that. Independence does not mean we’re going to sail Scotland away into the ocean and just leave England and Wales there like a couple of lost puppies, it means that we have the ability to make decisions for ourselves. We will still continue to work with England on matters of defence, trade and various other things, we have no intention of breaking off every diplomatic tie and saying, “We’re going to be friends with Norway instead!”

15) “An independent Scotland might not be granted NATO membership and wouldn’t be part of the G7.”

And that matters why? The United Kingdom is clinging to the G7 with every tendril it has, spending billions just to keep it’s military up to snuff in case they suddenly turn around and say, “You’re a damn embarrassment, get out!” NATO is rather irrelevant in today’s world, as you can see, the Russian Federation barely flinched at the mention of NATO in the current Ukrainian crisis.

16) “It’s not clear what would happen to the NHS.”

Fifty-Eight countries in the world have health services in which over 90% of the population receives free healthcare. Among these countries you can find Belarus, Venezuela, Thailand & Romania. All of whom are less well-off than Scotland, so strangely enough, I don’t think we’ve got much worries on the whole NHS front.

17) “I love living in Scotland, but I am proud to be British!”

For one, you never stated where you were born. So for all I know, you’re an Englishman, so no doubt you wouldn’t be proud to be Scottish… Because you’re not Scottish. Secondly, what exactly is it about being British that makes you proud? Many no supporters tote this line, yet can never justify it with anything but, “I just am.” Or “We’re a pretty good country.”

18) “People need help in the rest of the UK. We shouldn’t abandon them.”

I’ve basically covered this in a previous argument; we’re not sailing away and cutting off all ties to England, you can still give money to English charities if you really feel that bad about it, you can still cross the border and do some charity work of your own if you’d like, it’s really not going to have that huge of an impact us taking control of our own destiny.

19) “I’m 82 and I want the UK to stay as it is.”

And I’m 17 and I’d like to see Scotland as an Independent country. What a lovely contrast we have.

20) “If we do this, there’s no going back. It’s scary!”

As was declaring war on Germany in 1914 & 1940, but we did it anyways. Something being scary and/or irreversible is not justification to not embrace it. The real irony behind this statement is that, you’ll probably go away and tell a friend to face up to their fears if they tell you they’re scared of spiders.

And that’s me done, it’s people like on that website that drive me fucking nuts.





I was sent an anon about scotland going independent wouldn't work because we're subsidised


So i want to make this little bit as a kind of breakdown of Scottish money.

  • Right, Scotland pays £57 billion in tax every year to the crown.
  • We get back £40 billion, leaving 17 billion unaccounted for…well it is accounted for, it gets used in london.
  • If we went independent we would see that…